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Hi …I would like to tell you I love your products! I was always a “creamy crack” chic and said I would never go natural. I have now been natural since June and I LOVE IT!!! My hair is the healthiest since childhood. I used a few products that did my curly hair no justice. I was told to use yours and I’ve been hooked since.

So thank you again. Continue in your gift!
Tammy D. Jones
South Carolina

Tammy Jones

Hello Ms. Taliah Waajid, thank you so much for your wonderful hair products. I have been chemical free since June 2011, was natural all my life with the exception for 11 years. I have been using your products since 2012, shampoo, conditioner, curl cream, curl sealer. I just wanted to thank you and say I am proud of you. Much continued success to you, God bless. L.Kay, Texas

LKay Cooper

I just discovered your Curly Curl Cream a couple of weeks ago and am truly in love. This is the best curl cream I have found for my hair. Please connect with me on LinkedIn and if your company or affiliates have any event marketing needs, I would love to help. Thank you.

Crystal Wilson

The CURL SEALER is great!!! More than being priced right, it does right by my coarse natural hair. Thank you for THE product!!!!!!

Great Curl Sealer…REALLY!!

I usually don’t take the time to make comments on products,but I HAD to tell you.. I used the shampoo for my daughter this weekend… AMAZING! Even as I was washing I could feel her hair getting softer and less tangled!! I couldn’t believe it! Even my daughter was smiling and in total agreement with me! She is a 9 year old with a head full of thick hair! So soft and and easy to comb through! I will be buying your products for OUR hair from now on! I am in the phase of transitioning to natural hair- so I can’t wait to try your products! Thank you Thank you! Angie Edwards Charlotte, NC Sent from Angie’s iPhone

My daughter’s hair!

“Thanks a million for the Great Detangler….I met a lady in the Dollar Store and her hair was sooo beautiful…I asked her what she was using because I had just did THE BIG CHOP…and she told me about your product..I immediately tried it and it really works…I have coarse hair and it made it very soft and I can even run a small- tooth comb through it..I have a very sensitive and itchy scalp and this is the first product that I have ever used that does not make my scalp itch!!! Shouting Thanks from Shreveport, La!!!!”

Tamara Hicks:- Great Detangler

Hello! Just wanted to share how I am constantly getting compliments about my fro! I went natural about a year ago and have been using your products consistently. My favorite of your products is the Curl Sealer. Since it hit the shelves I’ve been buying it up and people are always wanting to know what I use on my fro to keep it looking so fabulous! I’ve always gotten compliments about my hair even before I went natural…but since going natural with the fro and using your products, I get more compliments now than ever before! Thanks for helping me stay FRO FABULOUS!!! 🙂

Rhonda Glaze:- Curl Sealer

I just wanted to come by your page and say thank you! Thank you and thank you! For the curl sealer!  Of course there are your other products that I have used that were awesome but the curl sealer sealed the deal for my hair! It is awesome and I am totally glad that I picked it up to try it out today! 🙂  Im going back tomorrow to stock up! cant ever run out…lol

Aretina Bernice

I do not have a question, but rather a statement. I have tried every product in my daughters hair. From Top designer detanglers that cost me too much money not to help her hair. On Friday May 28, 2010. I purchased your product from a local beauty store here in Marietta, GA. That is after I had picked up about 4 other brands/products for her hair and continued to look at your product, read it and put it back down a few times. So, I said what the heck I have tried everything else. Why not try Taliah Waajid for her hair. I am so grateful that I did. Reason being, in 4 years nothing has worked. Even hair salon products or her going to a salon, well known hair products etc. The great Taliah Waajid for children is my new found best friend. Her hair is so much easier to comb. If you all need a child hair model, please contact me via email or phone. —.—.—- and thanks for producing a great product.

Callback Message

I love your product! I just started using it not so long ago. I was in a store looking at hair product and the lady saw my curly hair and recomand your product. She said it works great on her daughter hair. And I would like to do new cool curly hair style, do you have any ideas.I don’t have kinky hair, and I don’t use no chemicals such as relaxing it. I have fine, thin hair. I”m so happy to find a product that makes my hair have a wet curlys.

Thank you!

De Anna

Good Afternoon, my name is Therisa Smalls and I am from Santee, SC. I really enjoy using your products and I am very pleased at how it’s improving my hair now that I am 3 going on 4 months postpartum. I’m definitely going to continue using your products. I am all about natural hair and how critical the health of if is as well. It means a lot to me that a company really stands for what they are selling, not to just make a product then sell it just to make money and their products are not going to help the health of your hair. I thank you for that. Keep up the good work and have a great day.

Therisa Smalls

I LOVE the curl sealer and was wondering if I can get some samples in the mail. It’s THE only thing that curls my hair the best. Even some coupons for it would be good.

Ericka Thomas
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  1. Kimberly

    I NEVER post comments on ANYTHING! However, I had to post my experience with your leave in conditioner and styling cream. I absolutely LOVE these products. I have natural, thick 4b/4c hair and I have tried multiple products. I could not find anything that defined AND held my curls in place like a gel — except gel. I don’t like the “crunchy” feeling so I decided to try your products. They define and hold my curls in place without the crunchy feeling! I currently have a twa so having that curl definition is important to me. Thank you Taliah Waajid!

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