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Lock Her Up! My Forever Hairstyle/Lifestyle

Posted by Sheronda Gipson on Mar 23, 2018 3:41:42 PM

About seven years after I went natural, I locked my hair. They were traditional locs, and they grew quickly and thickly. Within 5 years, they were well past my shoulders, hanging midway down my back. In 2009, I got the bright idea to “unlock” my locs, after watching a video showing the process. A week into process, I looked like Samuel Jackson in the movie Unbreakable. Once again I found myself in a barber’s chair, cutting off what remained of my locs and starting over. So I spent the next two years, free falling natural, starting over from a short Caesar cut like I’d done when I first went permless. I returned to locs in 2011, but this time, I had sisterlocks installed. BEST DECISION FOR ME—EVER.

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Posted by NI4TW on Oct 12, 2017 9:24:02 PM

Another great option for rocking a natural style is locs. Although locs have actually been around for thousands of years (ancient Egyptians wore them), many are unaware of the benefits and upkeep involved in maintaining them. Today, however, there are great deal of hair care professionals who specialize in loc care and many products available (such as my Black Earth products) to flaunt clean, healthy, long, beautiful locs. But first, why loc?

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