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Style Showcase: TWA, Medium and Long Length Hairdos to Rock at World Natural Hair, Healthy Lifestyle Event

Posted by NI4TW on Mar 14, 2018 1:33:08 PM

28429107_546781872387678_3466626984031813632_n(1).jpgThe World Natural Hair, Healthy Lifestyle Event in Atlanta takes place April 21-22. That’s just around the corner. You’re going this year, right? With more than 300 vendors already signed up to give you the hugest selection of products, tips, styles, demonstrations and more to get you looking and feeling healthy and beautiful from head toe—there’s no way you’ll want to miss that. Plus Amara La Negra, Keke Wyatt and Major are performing live?!? The only thing left to figure out is how you’re going to flaunt your natural curls to the fullest. Read on and you’ll discover all kinds of lovely options.

I absolutely love the styles that can easily (and quickly) be rocked on a TWA or longer Afro in this video. Using variations of flat twists and pony puffs, you can achieve as many as eight gorgeous looks. And I especially love the protective style tip this young lady used to gather and hold her sections in place. Instead of using a hair band which can sometimes snag and break the hair, she used pieces of hair extensions and wrapped them like bands around her own hair. Smart and super protective!

In the link here, you’ll find a great example of a Black Panther-inspired protective style that can provide with you as many as four playful and beautiful variations on medium to long hair based on one easy foundation. To achieve this same look at home, start off by parting your hair down the middle to form two large sections on either side of your head. Then create two smaller sections at the front hairline and braid them as intercrossed plaits (as demonstrated in the video) or get creative and see what works best for your hair length. Next gather each larger section into a ponytail making sure to either capture your plaits into the appropriate ponytail or pen the plaits in place. Two-strand twist each ponytail and arrange in any of the ways demonstrated in the video or create your own unique variation. Do you!

Finally, Miss Wood aka @westafricanbaby shows us her Amara La Negra-inspired Afro using hanging bantu knots and my Green Apple & Aloe Nutrition Curl Definer and Protective Styles GroHair Gro™ Bamboo And Coconut Milk Growth Oil. The hanging Bantu knots Miss Wood uses are an excellent way to stretch the hair into a longer textured look without a lot of potentially harsh picking. She then completes her larger-than-life ‘fro by pinning flowers she purchased at a local craft store to the front of her hair. Very pretty!

I can't wait to see your beautiful styles at the World Natural Hair, Healthy Lifestyle Event. For news on what's happening with Taliah Waajid products, please follow me on Instagram @taliahwaajidbrand. For the latest on the World Natural Hair, Healthy Lifestyle Event happening April 21-22, 2018 in Atlanta, please follow the event on Instagram @naturalhairshow. If you have any questions for me about hair care, styling or products, please do not hesitate to contact me at asktaliah@naturalhair.org.

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