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Protective Stylistas Love the Protective Styles Collection…Have You Tried It Yet?

Posted by NI4TW on Mar 23, 2018 4:14:40 PM

Customer Comment 1.jpgBecause I always design my products with the needs and desires of you in mind, I always love hearing how satisfied you are with them. Just recently I heard the following good news from @destinedforgreatness_26 on Instagram:

I used the Bamboo & Coconut Milk Growth Oil before getting my braids, and I must say it made my hair feel moisturized and left it smelling good…Love this product line…

We are also feeling the love on Facebook where Sheree Willis wrote:

"Her products are by far the best. Every time I use another product, I am greatly disappointed and run back to Taliah Waajid. ALL of her products work fabulous in my hair. I'm never disappointed. I love the way my hair feels and the scent is perfect. Never heavy nor weighted down. My curls are perfect. My twists outs are perfect. Love! Love! Love!"


Protective.jpgWhere to Find Protective Styles...

So many folks have been asking where they can shop for the Protective Styles line (as well as our other collections) in person. The good news is that the Protective Styles line will be on shelves at select Walmart locations throughout the United States as early as March 26th. Too cool, right?!?

Wondering where those select Walmart locations are? Don't worry. I got you. Click the link below to go to my Walmart location finder.



...and How to Get Cash Back!

In celebration of this Protective Styles Walmart launch, I will be giving back to you—giving back cash to be exact! To get $5 back on your next Protective Styles purchase, simply do the following:

1. Snap a selfie with your Walmart receipt and new Taliah Waajid Protective Styles collection item(s).

2. Post on Instagram, tag @taliahwaajidbrand and use the hashtag #TWxwalmart.

3.  Within 48 hours, you should send an email to asktaliah@naturalhair.org with your full name, Instagram name, & Cash App username or email address to receive $5 cash back!

Whether you are just using Protective Styles for the first time or want to try this fabulous collection to give your hair the care and moisture it needs to grow and thrive no matter how you wear your hair, don’t miss your opportunity to get cash back on your next purchase.


For news on what's happening with Taliah Waajid products, please follow me on Instagram @taliahwaajidbrand. For the latest on the World Natural Hair, Healthy Lifestyle Event happening April 21-22, 2018 in Atlanta, please follow the event on Instagram @naturalhairshow. If you have any questions for me about hair care, styling or products, please do not hesitate to contact me at asktaliah@naturalhair.org.

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