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Are You Properly Prepping Your Hair for Protective Styling?

Posted by NI4TW on Jan 12, 2018 12:46:38 PM

IMG_2010.jpgIf one of your resolutions is working out, then you know that a key part of exercise is your warm up. Warming up is important because it primes your body for vigorous activity so that you don’t hurt yourself; it readies your respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, musculoskeletal and nervous systems to adapt with ease to the physical exertion ahead.  My Protective Styles line does the exact same favor for your hair by priming it to withstand the wear and tear of styling.

As a licensed Master Cosmetologist and Natural Hair Care Specialist in the business for nearly 30 years, I have literally seen it all when it comes to hair. I’m talking about braids, weaves and extensions applied so tightly that the style causes hair loss. Wigs worn with little to no regard for the hair beneath. Chemical treatments applied with no care for maintaining the overall health of the hair. And in every case, I have seen an absence of proper hair care when wearing these various styles—which leads to the inability to ever wear one’s hair down and/or in its natural state.

It really hurts me to see anyone’s hair be mistreated because I’ve seen what a beautiful thing it is for a woman to grow and appreciate her own gorgeous, healthy, flourishing hair. Flaunting a healthy head of hair is uplifting in every way. That’s why throughout my life and career I have been committed to teaching hair care professionals how to be hair health advocates, and dedicated to empowering customers with tools to independently keep their hair healthy.

I created the Protective Styles line so that everyone would be able to promote and maintain their hair’s health no matter what hairstyle they sport. While it is important to incorporate the concept of protective styling in the way styles are installed and applied, it is also important to constantly care for the hair in those various styles. Hair worn beneath braids, weaves, extensions, wigs and chemically-treated styles still must be properly cleansed, conditioned and moisturized.  The Protective Styles collection makes cleaning, conditioning and moisturizing simple PLUS its special ingredient SciNatranol gives hair the boost it needs to resist breakage, thinning and loss.

PS on white sheets.jpgSciNatranol is a powerful complex containing a customized blend of bamboo, basil, biotin and other natural ingredients that work wonders for hair. Bamboo promotes thick, healthy hair because it is a rich in silica which is a natural compound that helps the body absorb calcium and produce collagen. We all know how valuable calcium is to hair, skin, scalp and the development of strong bones. Collagen is important because it is the connective tissue in the skin and the scalp that gives both its elasticity. When the scalp is more elastic, it allows for better movement of the openings in which hair follicles are located thus making it easier for nutrients from the basil and biotin to get to the base of each strand to nourish the hair.

Basil contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that reduce dandruff and scalp itchiness while improving blood circulation. Basil, effectively, creates an optimal environment on the scalp for unhindered hair growth. Meanwhile, biotin or vitamin H assists in regrowth of thinning or lost hair and improves hair quality, thickness and shine.

The bamboo, basil and biotin in SciNatranol, plus the powerful peptides (or organic bonds) that join them prime and boost the hair just like a warm up boosts the body’s systems. The result is hair that stands up to the stress of styling and manipulation that can normally wreak havoc on weak hair. SciNatranol makes the hair stronger, more elastic and more resistant to damage so that you can fully enjoy the hair-saving and beauty benefits that properly installed protective hairstyles and styling techniques give you and your hair.

I’m interested in everyone feeling their best selves and, as the ultimate accessory, hair is a big part of that. No matter how you wear your hair, I want you to have plenty of options to rock your ‘do with confidence and flair. Healthy hair gives you options and I made the Protective Styles line to boost and maintain your hair’s health in any and every style you choose to wear.

If you have any questions about protective styling, hair growth or hair loss, please don’t hesitate to contact me at asktaliah@naturalhair.org.

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