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How to Eat Better for Optimal Hair Health

Posted by NI4TW on Dec 21, 2017 8:01:22 PM

With the holiday season in full swing, comfort food-eating is in full effect too. Workday potlucks. Company Christmas parties. Family dinners. Weekend holiday gatherings. Everywhere you turn there is pasta, cakes, pies, cookies, soda, wine, cocktails and lots of other “goodies.” And let’s not forget the fast food you might grab while holiday shopping. All of these foods are delicious and are a big part of celebrating the season—so I understand how difficult it can be to completely avoid them. While moderate and smaller helpings here and there are perfectly fine, there are many reasons your hair would appreciate collard greens, greens beans, salads, fruit platters and green tea instead.

Sugar—and starches which convert to sugar—hinder the protein absorption essential to your hair’s strength and elasticity. Alcohol can interfere with delivering minerals and moisture your hair needs to grow and maintain its health. Greasy fast foods and greasy food in general can cause clogged pores all over skin including the scalp. If your New Year’s plans involve launching or returning to a healthful diet routine, you might as well start early; limit the sugar, drinks and grease; and start incorporating hair-saving (and life-saving) foods into your meals today.

The kind of foods I’m talking about aren’t hard to get a taste for either. Raw spinach leafs are rich in iron and sebum (a natural hair conditioner) and omega-3 fatty acids which all contribute to hair luster and shine, and prevent hair loss. It’s easy to substitute spinach leaves for the usual iceberg lettuce in any salad. Cinnamon boosts blood circulation which carries nutrients and oxygen to your hair follicles. You can sprinkle it in tea, cocoa or on your oatmeal. Oh, and oatmeal is great too because it is packed with hair growth-stimulating omega-3 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Boiled eggs are packed with biotin for hair growth too. Both oatmeal and boiled eggs are great for breakfast and burn slowly so they keep you feeling full longer.  Salmon, almonds, avocados, lentils—those are just a few more examples of foods that taste good, are great for your overall fitness and help you love your hair.

 If you have certain food allergies, or don’t always have the time to cook or snack on the healthiest foods, don’t despair. I offer my Thick and Full Bamboo and Biotin Vitamins for Healthy Hair precisely to give you an additional resource for nutrients that help you grow and maintain strong, healthy hair. At the end of the day, I want you to lead the best and healthiest life possible with a gorgeous head of hair to show for it. That’s why I encourage you to check out the World Natural Healthy Hair, Lifestyle Event (just around the corner in April) where you can continue to learn all kinds of things you can do for your hair and your fitness overall. Plus, in case your resolutions may have flopped, this event happens right on time to get you back on track.

Until then, please enjoy a happy holiday season. Be good to yourself and your family, and don’t hesitate to contact me at asktaliah@naturalhair.org with any hair health questions you may have.

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