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How to Breathe Life Into Your Curls Using Curly Curl Cream

Posted by Karon Leslie on Feb 28, 2018 10:09:14 AM

So, it happened to me on a Friday night. While hanging out with a few friends in a local restaurant, I was approached by a woman who graciously informed me that my curls were “popping.”

Now for all my 3c to 4c girls, you know this was likely a pivotal moment in my life, so much so that I immediately began raving to my friends about Curly Curl Cream in all of its curl-popping splendor. Just a few months prior, I was perusing the aisles of my second home, Target, when I stumbled upon this blessing. Since then, Curly Curl Cream has been adding all kinds of bounce and bravado to my curls, and the compliments have been nonstop.

I typically use the Curly Curl Cream for my wash and go’s. Ideally, I prefer applying this product to my wet hair after either a wash/condition/detangle or co-wash. Yes, Curly Curl Cream is flexible, and can also be applied to dry hair, but for best results, I’ve found that it works best on wet hair.

After my hair is washed, conditioned, and detangled, I start by separating it into sections. Also, I always make sure I keep a spray bottle close by to prevent the hair from drying out while styling. I then apply a liberal amount of the Curly Curl Cream to each section, and carefully work it through from the root to the ends. For me, the secret to adding that extra “pop” and pizzazz to tight curls is to finger style and curl the hair at the ends. This step seems to make the curls that much more defined for the finished product. Once I’ve worked the Curly Curl Cream thorough the first section, I repeat these steps for the remaining sections and use the spray bottle periodically to prevent dry out, then voila! I’ve officially transformed my hair into a head-turning wash and go, with vivacious curls and moisture that will literally last for days.

What I love most about Curly Curl Cream is that it gives my hair definition plus long-lasting moisture, and prevents frizz without weighing it down. I’m also not big on hard or crunchy hair, so I love that Curly Curl Cream gives my hair that much desired, soft look and feel.

All that said, if you’re looking for a product that can deliver that consistent “wow” factor to your 3c to 4c hair, whether using it for a simple wash and go or twist out, Curly Curl Cream is the way to go. If you haven’t had the pleasure of it trying it, go ahead and give this product a try. Incorporate this magic-making curl popper into your hair regimen today, and breathe new life into those curls.



Karon Leslie is an ATLien with undying affections for good music, good humans, good energy, and good times. She’s a master at seeing the glass half full, quotes lines from Love Jones, often retreats to her own planet, and most notably—writes what’s real to her. 


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