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Getting My Hair Vacation-Ready: Protective Styling with Curly Curl Cream Lotion and Curly Curl Gello

Posted by Karon Leslie on Apr 6, 2018 12:06:38 PM

shanalovecoaching-nappy-4657It’s that time of year, Ya’ll. The weather is getting nice. Retailers are basically giving swimwear away, and despite not being six years old I’m headed to recess the moment I catch a glimpse of anything bearing the slightest resemblance of sunshine.

I need a vacation, People.

And by vacation, I mean the beach, water, agua, lots of it—at an all-inclusive resort with infinity pools and cabanas, and a real opportunity to demonstrate that the thirst is indeed real, so bring me another piña colada. But if I’m going to be living my best life, diving in and out of pools, riding jet skis, and encountering dolphins in their natural habitat, I need a low-maintenance, protective style that can withstand all my adventures, from watersports in the day time, to cocktails and dinner at night. So, to get my hair vacation-ready, I’ll be using both Curly Curl Cream Cream Hair Lotion and Curly Curl Gello to style my hair into two-strand twists, and give my curls and waves a much needed vacation as well.

Part the Hair into Four Sections and Apply Curly Curl Cream Lotion.

To do this, I’ll begin with wet, conditioned, and detangled hair, parting my hair into four sections. As I’m parting my hair into sections, I’m going to go ahead and apply a liberal amount of the Curly Curl Cream Lotion at the base of each section, and work the product from the roots to ends. This will maintain moisture in my hair for the duration of my trip.

Using Curly Curl Gello, let’s get to twisting.

Starting with the first section, I’m going take my spray bottle, and spritz the hair just to make sure it’s nice and moist before twisting. Next, I’m going to part the hair into even smaller sections in a somewhat random pattern to create more natural and versatile twists.

(Note: The size of these sections will vary depending on how big or small you want your twists to be, so add or take away hair accordingly).

Now it’s time for some twisting. I’ll take a parted section, starting from the nape of my neck, applying the Curly Curl Gello to my hair. This is going to give me the hold I’m looking for. Next, I’ll separate the hair into two even strands, and twist the strands together from the root all the way down to the end. From here, I’ll simply repeat the same steps, throughout this section and the remaining by applying the Curly Curl Gello and twisting in two strands until my hair is fully twisted throughout.

The reason I love using these two products together is because they deliver somewhat of a one-two punch for protective styles like two strand twists and braid outs. The Curly Curl Cream Lotion keeps the hair fully moisturized while the Curly Curl Gello holds the style in place without flaking.

And there you have it, vacation-perfect hair using two of my favorite products from the Curls |Waves & Naturals line. Now catch me on the yacht with my two-strand twists. I’m out! Peace.

Karon Leslie is an ATLien with undying affections for good music, good humans, good energy, and good times. She’s a master at seeing the glass half full, quotes lines from Love Jones, often retreats to her own planet, and most notably—writes what’s real to her.

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