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Fellow Moms, I Salute You. You Give Me Life.

Posted by NI4TW on May 11, 2018 1:37:26 AM

nicholasgithiri-nappy-5606Mother’s day is this Sunday. All across the nation, children are fervently working on rose-adorned projects that may or may not include letters, poems or odes on the subject of motherhood. Most of these little gifts will be hilarious. Come Sunday, there will be breakfast in bed for some and post-church buffet for others. The rest of moms may experience a much-needed spa day, or at least a full blessed hour of silence in a candle-lilt bath. Moms everywhere will appreciate whatever gift their day happens to bring and recognize the sentiment behind every gesture. It’s what mothers do.

What I have also noticed, however, is that mothers make a habit of appreciating fellow moms all year ‘round. We do so because we all know the struggle too well. We invite each other out for coffee or lunch or an impromptu pedicure. We pick up extra items from the grocery store to share. We are sure to gush over new hairdos or a new pair of sandals. We send a quick text message of a funny gif or an inspiring news story. We always make sure to reach out and check in because we can sense when a fellow mom is going through something and we’re sure to never leave that mom alone or behind.

To all the moms out there who lift each other up in sisterhood, to those moms who have lifted me up personally, to the moms to come that will take up this same much-appreciated practice, I see you and I love you. I thank you for staying strong. I also thank you for your vulnerability. I thank you for providing that shoulder to cry on. I thank you for taking the time to cry with me. I thank you for giving me a reason to smile and laugh every day. I thank you for allowing me to return the favor.

I wish you a very happy mother’s day this Sunday. But I also wish you a happy mother’s day each and every single day because you are the sunshine that makes every day truly beautiful.

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