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Don’t Throw That Wig: How to Protect Your Wakandan Crown Under Your Wig Cap

Posted by Tonesa Jones on Feb 28, 2018 10:32:01 AM


Black Panther introduced many never-before-seen black moments to the big screen, but no moment achieved peak blackness than Okoye (played by the fabulous Danai Gurira) using a lace front as a weapon, a skill that should be added to the venerable list of black hair versatility.

Whether used as a quick style change to protect your tresses or an impromptu defensive weapon, wigs can be a healthy part of your hair regimen, but just like any protective style, maintaining your real hair under your wigs is important.

Dry hair, itchy scalp, and thinning edges are three hair adversaries you face under your wig caps. Synthetic fibers draw much needed moisture from your strands. Wig combs put tension on your delicate edges. Lack of maintenance can leave your scalp dry with an itch intense enough to make you beat yourself in the head with the palm of your hand or dig out a trusty rattail comb for those hard to reach spots.

The Protective Styles Collection combats these natural hair problems with natural ingredients that strengthen strands and protect delicate edges. Follow this routine to keep your Wakandan crown well defended against these common natural hair problems:

1. Wash and condition with the Bamboo and Coconut Milk Moisturizing Mint Shampoo and Strengthening Leave-in Conditioner to remove product buildup, fortify strands, and add much-needed moisture to your hair. Keeping your tresses clean, moisturized, and detangled will prevent matting and scalp itch under your wig.

2. At night, use the Healthy Hair Under There Bamboo Avocado and Peppermint Conditioning and Restoring Serum to refresh your scalp.

3. Refresh your hair with the Intense Moisture Bamboo and Coconut Milk Strengthening Leave-In Conditioner the keep those strands soft and detangled.

4. Prevent scalp itch with Ditch the Itch Bamboo, Basil, and Peppermint Anti Itch Serum to maintain a healthy scalp.

5. Protect your edges with Hairline Help 2-in-1 Plus Bamboo and Biotin Edge Grow to keep them laid and healthy.

This hair care regimen should keep you from pulling that wig off halfway through the day, but if Wakanda needs defending— go ahead and snatch and throw.


Tonesa Jones is an Atlanta-based freelance writer with a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing. She loves a good cup of tea and watching Bobby Flay throw down in a kitchen. Keep up with her on Instagram.

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