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Curly, Coily Men’s Hair Grooming 101: Combating Dandruff, Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs

Posted by NI4TW on Oct 20, 2017 12:01:50 AM

Photo by @mark.c, nappy.co Everyone loves a well-groomed man—and there is no better feeling than stepping out each day looking fresh and fly. That’s why it is such a positive thing for a man to understand and know how to properly care for his skin. In fact, being treated to a proper cut and shave by an ace barber is one of the simple pleasures of life. It’s downright golden. But knowing how to keep one’s face, beard and hair tight between visits is platinum. And that starts with a little education on how to prevent personal care issues like dandruff, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. 

 Deading the Dandruff

Itchy scalp and flakes on the shoulder is never a good feeling or a good look. It also means that your scalp is dry. A dry scalp leads to dry, unhealthy hair and even hair loss.  Plus dry hair makes it difficult to achieve specific styles like waves. To remedy dandruff, it is NOT a good idea to overwash, underwash or avoid properly moisturizing the scalp. Washing too often strips the hair of its natural oils. Not washing enough results in dirty hair on top of dry scalp. Not using the right amount or consistency in a moisturizer can clog pores in the scalp and cause acne.

I recommend shampooing the hair at least four times per month for overly curly hair and at least twice a week for less curly and straight hair with a shampoo made with the kind of natural ingredients that help retain the body’s natural moisture like our Uncle Jimmy’s Hair, Beard and Body Wash. Then condition and style with our moisturizing Curl Kicker. Curly, coily-haired men can also opt to use our Shea-Coco Conditioning Co-Wash as both a cleanser and daily leave-in conditioner. Remember, proper moisturization is the key to fighting a dry scalp and promoting healthy hair.

 Goodbye Razor Bumps, Alright Then Ingrown Hair

Most men with overly curly hair who shave experience razor bumps. Razor bumps happen when the sharp end of a hair curls back into the skin, thus irritating the flesh. Ingrown hairs, which tend to happen to African-American men in particular, is when the hair in the razor bump continues to grow beneath the surface of the skin.  The absolute best way to avoid both razor bumps and ingrown hairs is to avoid shaving in the first place.

Of course that means growing a beard which is very fashionable these days—especially when the beard is well-conditioned and maintained.  Just as with head hair, beard hair must be washed, conditioned and moisturized. Dry, brittle beards are no fun to wear and no fun to touch. After using the Hair, Beard and Body Wash, I recommend following up with our Beard Softener which softens and moisturizes the beard.  Finish with the Beard Oil to give your facial hair that rich, full body bearded shine.  

For more men’s grooming tips and live demonstrations—and free and discounted grooming services—come see me at the Curls, Kinks and Culture Festival in Atlanta on October 28th at the Georgia World Congress Center.  Stop by the Uncle Jimmy Products Pop-Up lounge featuring a male grooming bar, pool table, video games, recliners and a cash bar. There’ll also be contest to crown fellas with the best beard and the best groomed look. Our festival will also feature an education session on tools for interacting with police officers in our communities.

 As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at asktaliah@naturalhair.org.

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