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How do I start locs?

There are several techniques used for starting locks. Your hair texture will determine what will be the best way for you.
Examples of techniques used to start locks:
• Individual Braids
• Individual Two-strand twist
• Comb twist Latch locking
• Palm rolling
• Shampooing and fingering
The technique and size used to start your locks will determine the outcome. The thickness, fullness, versatility all depends on what technique, texture and length of hair the stylist is working with.
It is strongly suggested that you look at several photos of lock styles as well as live people with locks before deciding to have locks started. Discuss this information with your stylist to see if your hair condition will be right for the style/size of locks you choose. Whichever way you decide to start your locks I recommend using Lock It Up for maintaining your locks. Here are some other products Irecommend:

Total Body Shampoo = cleanses and provides moisture
Herbal Conditioner = Conditions and adds moisture
African Healinng = Oyl Use once hair is locked
Protective Mist Bodifier = Daily leave-in conditioner Use once hair is locked.
Lock It Up = Starts and maintains locks, twists and styles natural hair.

Please help me , my hair tangles so very bad after i shampoo until i hate to shampoo it. what is a good detangler ?? Need help badly before i lose all of my hair. Thanks

Try The Great Detangler. It is a great leave-in condition and Great Detangler. You can use the Clean and Curly shampoo in this line as well. Remember is is almost impossible to comb through tightly curled hair when it gets dry. Keep a spray bottle near during comb out in the case that a section becomes dry before combing out.

I have questions for you:

When is the last time you had your ends clipped?
Are you sectioning your hair after shampooing before combing through? (if not, while your hair is wet, use your fingers to separate your hair into 6-10 sections. Twist your each section. Remove one twist at a time apply The Great Detangler and comb through that section starting from the scalp down to the edges.)
How often do you shampoo your hair?

I just got may hair cut, i am natural my hair is very short what can i do to enhance my curl pattern, if i don't want to continue using heat to straighten and curl it, and finally is braids health for your hair.

Thank you for your interest. Can you send a photo of your hair? There are so many textures and curl patterns of natural hair. I would need to at least see a photo of your hair before I can recommend any products or styles. Braids can be very healthy for your hair if they are applied correctly. If you plan on having extensions applied, the feeding technique is the best because it is less stressful on your hair. If done correctly, this technique also prevents unnecessary breakage. Braids can give your hair a rest and a chance to grow because you are not combing through your hair. Remember that you MUST continue to condition and moisturize your hair while it is braided. The Protective Mist Bodifier and the Strengthener work great to keep your hair healthy while it is braided.

I want to know what is the best way to switch from relaxed hair to natural.

The best way can be several ways it depends on the condition of your hair and your lifestyle. Here are some options:
Braid, weave or twist your hair using extensions. Choose an extension style that will allow all of you hair to be covered for at least two months at a time. Have that style or a similar one redone every two months. Before having the style redone, have your stylist clip your ends. The most important thing to consider when growing out a relaxer is to use a daily conditioner on your hair. I recommend the Protective Mist Bodifier. You can use it on any kind of extension style. The Protective Mist Bodifier will provide maximum protection against breakage while providing moisture and conditioning.

You can also choose to cut the relaxed hair off and sport a short fro. If you decide to do this I recommend using the following products:
Total Body Shampoo = cleanses and provides moisture
Herbal Conditioner = Conditions and adds moisture
Protective Mist Bodifier = Daily leave-in conditioner
African Healing Oyl = Hot oil treatment and shine
Lock It Up = Separates and defines curl pattern while eliminating frizz

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