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Essence Beauty Editor Obsessed with Taliah Waajid’s Shea Coco Curly Hair Soufflé
Loc Extension and Loc Touch-up
Loc Extension and Loc Touch-up using Taliah Waajid’s Shea-Coco Collection
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Shea-Coco Collection
  • I just discovered your Curly Curl Cream a couple of weeks ago and am truly in love. This is the best curl cream I have found for my hair. Please connect with me on LinkedIn and if your company or affiliates have any event marketing needs, I would love to help. Thank you.

    Crystal Wilson
  • The CURL SEALER is great!!! More than being priced right, it does right by my coarse natural hair. Thank you for THE product!!!!!!

    Great Curl Sealer…REALLY!!
  • I just wanted to come by your page and say thank you! Thank you and thank you! For the curl sealer!  Of course there are your other products that I have used that were awesome but the curl sealer sealed the deal for my hair! It is awesome and I am totally glad that I picked it up to try it out today! 🙂  Im going back tomorrow to stock up! cant ever run out…lol

    Aretina Bernice
  • I love your product! I just started using it not so long ago. I was in a store looking at hair product and the lady saw my curly hair and recomand your product. She said it works great on her daughter hair. And I would like to do new cool curly hair style, do you have any ideas.I don’t have kinky hair, and I don’t use no chemicals such as relaxing it. I have fine, thin hair. I”m so happy to find a product that makes my hair have a wet curlys.

    Thank you!

    De Anna
  • I LOVE the curl sealer and was wondering if I can get some samples in the mail. It’s THE only thing that curls my hair the best. Even some coupons for it would be good.

    Ericka Thomas
  • Fantastic Products
    Just right amount of hold for your curls. Apply a little to small sections of your hair and twirl that section, let sit for a few minutes then undue the twirl. Your natural hair will shine and flow.
  • GREAT PRODUCT. I highly recommend it.
    I have had locs for 6 years now and I have been looking for agood product for my hair. After 6 years I have found 1 no build up, no flaking it’s not oily or greasy and it holds well if u twist and then sit under a hair dryer or ever use a hand dryer on your hair for 15 to 20 min if will help the hold mine stayed tidy for about 3 weeks. Love this product
    John Dunn